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On-Site Nursing

   On-Site Nursing

Having a nurse, on-site at your company is not a luxury. It is a cost cutting, everyone's a winner strategy. SWC Healthworks has effectively been able to reduce medical costs in many companies with on-site nursing. Some of the companies SWC HealthWorks has provided on-site nursing for include Union Pacific, the U.S. Post Office, Hill Air Force Base, Nestle Foods, Intermountain Power Service Corp., and 3M.

An on-site nurse can function in several important, cost reducing ways :
  • Immediate first aid/injury care.
  • Implement effective prevention techniques to reduce work site injures.
  • Intervention to prevent early overuse syndrome from becoming a costly injury
  • Case management liaison between physician, injured worker and insurance company to monitor claims, promote early return to work, and facilitate medical treatment and monitoring at the work site.
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle: be available for blood pressure checks, assistance in weight management, disease management, smoking cessation vaccinations, etc.-resulting in a reduction of missed work time.
  • Demonstrate that a company truly cares about its employees.

    Our nurses are fully credentialed, licensed, trained, insured , and specialize in occupational health care. On-site nurses have proven to have tremendously positive financial and employee satisfaction impact on companies.

    Want to know more? Contact SWC HealthWorks for a free consult to see if on-site nursing can benefit your company.

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