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 SWC HealthWorks and Respiratory Protection

   SWC HealthWorks can travel to your work site and perform all of your medical evaluations for respirator use. These evaluations include an employee questionnaire and review along with blood pressure testing, pulmonary function testing and a physical exam, if needed. We can also train employees concerning respirator selection and fit.

  OSHA mandated that the new respiratory protection plan needed to be complied with by October of 1998. Need some assistance? Get in touch with us today.

Respiratory Protection

   New standards for respiratory protection have been implemented by OSHA and were effective on April 8, 1998. These new standards have replaced the respiratory protection standards adopted by OSHA in 1971. The new standard supersedes and replaces respiratory protection requirements in all current OSHA standards except for tuberculosis. The new standard requires companies to establish a program to protect all workers who utilize respirators on the job. Some of the requirements of this standard are: 

  • Medical evaluation of all employees who utilize respirators, regardless of prior length of wear 
  • Employee training with respirators 
  • Respirator selection and fit 
  • Respirator cleaning and repair 
  • Specific procedures for the work site and respirator use 
  • Respirator program administration 
  A medical evaluation is required prior to initial test fitting of a respirator. All employees regardless of length of wear of a respirator, must be evaluated. Once the employee has been initially evaluated, subsequent evaluation is not mandated by OSHA.

Fit Testing

  Proper fit testing of full or half-face masks is pivotal to prevent exposure to airborne contaminants, biological agents, and physical hazards. SWC HealthWorks provides quantitative, or computerized, fit testing. This is an objective test with a print-out so that you can be assured your workforce is fully protected. At the time of fit-testing the following important issues are covered with each employee:
  • How to put the mask on
  • How to check the mask for cracks and leaks
  • How often to change filters
  • How to put the filter on correctly
  • Positive and negative pressure check
  • When to request a new mask

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